About AMD|SeaMicro

AMD SeaMicro: Transforming Web-scale Compute and Storage  (Download the PDF)

Ground Breaking Technology
AMD acquired SeaMicro, inventor of the microserver category and the only company with a second generation fabric server with over 1.28 Tbps bandwidth. AMD’s SeaMicro technology innovation addresses the dramatic changes in the demand for compute, storage, and the economics of operation driven by the sea changes in devices, applications, and growth in users. With its patented SeaMicro Freedom™ Fabric, SeaMicro technology supports both x86 and ARM servers and processor options from both AMD and Intel.

Optimized for Big Data, OpenStack, and HPC
Billions of devices are connecting to the Internet, pushing the boundaries of data center infrastructure. AMD’s SeaMicro servers are designed and optimized for this new world of highly scalable applications requiring massive parallel processing and unprecedented storage capacity such as Apache™ Hadoop®, OpenStack®, and High Performance Computing (HPC) to name a few. With a compelling return on investment. AMD’s SeaMicro servers have been deployed around the world with some of the largest companies in web, government, telecommunications, gaming, advertising, retail, university research, and more.

The SeaMicro SM15000 Server: A Better Architecture for Today’s Workloads
The SM15000 is the industry’s most power-efficient big data server platform. It combines compute, networking, and storage in a single 10 RU system and uses 50 percent less power and 66 percent less space than traditional data center server solutions.

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