SeaMicro Freedom Fabric Storage


Massive Capacity, High Performance Storage for the SM15000 Server

Four storage enclosure offerings to address application needs from cloud computing, big data, and web to distributed data processing and data warehousing.


Five Petabytes Capacity, High Performance Storage for a Single SeaMicro SM15000 Fabric Compute System.
AMD’s SeaMicro Freedom™ Fabric Storage brings the benefits of the SeaMicro Freedom™ Supercomputing Fabric to storage solutions thereby increasing efficiency by enabling pooling and flexible provisioning of storage resources according to the application’s needs. Download PDF Datasheet.
System Overview
  • Capacity and performance optimized scalable 5 RU and 2 RU form factors
  • Support for 2.5” or 3.5” SSD/HDD SAS/SATA drives
  • Unprecedented scalability of over five petabytes of storage capacity per SM15000
  • Dual IO controllers with three x4 6 Gbps mini-SAS connectors per controller for a total of 7.2 Gbps of throughput
  • Hot swappable power supplies, controllers, and drives for enterprise- class availability
  • Standard SCSI Enclosure Services (SES-2) to access enclosure management interface
FS 5084-L
Ultra-dense capacity optimized SAS storage system that supports up to 84 SAS LFF or SFF in five RU for up to 336 TB of capacity or up to five petabytes per SM15000.
FS 4060-L
Performance optimized 4RU offering with up to 60 3.5” SAS drives. Provides unparalleled flexibility with logical partitioning into two distinct enclosures each with 30 3.5” drives with dedicated paths to optimize performance. Supports value optimized SAS/SATA drives with 24x7 operations capability ideal for cost sensitive big data and cloud storage deployments.
FS 2024-S
2U 24-bay form factor for deploying performance optimized SAS storage. Supports up to 24 SAS SFF 2.5” drives in a compact modular enclosure for performance-hungry applications.
FS 2012-L
2RU capacity-optimized SAS modular storage system for enterprises wanting to scale capacity as their need for data storage grows. Supports up to 12 LFF 3.5” SAS disks for up to 48 TB of capacity or up to 768 TB per SM15000.

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SM15000 Fabric Compute System
SM15000 Front View
SM15000 ¾ View Left Facing
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