SeaMicro Freedom Fabric Storage


Massive Capacity, High Performance Storage for the SeaMicro SM15000 Server

Ultra-dense capacity optimized SAS storage system supporting up to five petabytes storage per SeaMicro SM15000 server.


Five Petabytes Capacity, High Performance Storage for a Single SeaMicro SM15000 Fabric Compute System.
AMD’s SeaMicro Freedom™ Fabric Storage brings the benefits of the SeaMicro Freedom™ Supercomputing Fabric to storage solutions thereby increasing efficiency by enabling pooling and flexible provisioning of storage resources according to the application’s needs. Download PDF Datasheet.

System Overview
  • Capacity and performance optimized in scalable 5 RU form factor
  • Support for 3.5” HDD SATA drives
  • Unprecedented scalability of over five petabytes of storage capacity per SeaMicro SM15000
  • Dual IO controllers with three x4 6 Gbps mini-SAS connectors per controller for a total of 7.2 Gbps of throughput
  • Hot swappable power supplies, controllers, and drives for enterprise- class availability
  • Standard SCSI Enclosure Services (SES-2) to access enclosure management interface