Senior Systems Design Architect/Engineer


  • Review System and PCA requirements
  • Develop functional specification for System and PCAs
  • Develop System architecture and design for system electrical/mechanical and PCB definition/design
  • Work with software engineering in functional specification development
  • Oversee PCB design/layout, including stack-up, traces, routing, design for manufacturability, and test
  • Bring up and debug System including System DVT
  • Bring multiple PCB designs to production, including EDVT, EMI, and root cause analysis of problems
  • Work at System level to improve efficiencies and reduce overall cost (architecture, BOM, Layer counts)
  • Feasibility analysis for future designs including analysis of power delivery and signal integrity
  • Work with outside suppliers and contract manufacturers


  • Candidate will likely have an MS in EE or equivalent with 12 or more years of related hardware design and large system design experience
  • Experience and familiarity with schematic capture, and PCB layout tools
  • 3+ years experience with high speed serial designs including XAUI and PCI-E
  • Experience with circuit simulation tools (SPICE), and Signal /Power Integrity concerns and analysis
  • Able to design logic for CPLDs and FPGAs
  • Experience with component/BOM management and documentation/release control
  • Experience in designing server systems and dealing with large system design issues desired
  • Experience with POL, or SMPS design
  • Good oral and written communications skills

To apply for this position, send your resume to with the corresponding job title.